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Connect with friends, family, and other investors to share daily stock and crypto investment activity for free.

A Fresh Take on Investing and Social Networking

With simplicity at the forefront of the TradeMatrix design, TradeMatrix seeks to offer a fresh take on the social aspect of investing. The unique post types, real time stock and cryptocurrency data, coverage of multiple markets, and the ability for every user to generate revenue from premium content (only if they choose to), makes TradeMatrix a social network for investors unlike any other.

Trade. Share. Learn.

Learn from other investors, just like you, by sharing and viewing portfolios, trading activity, insights, and strategies within a single social network. Investors at every experience level have something to gain and share within the TradeMatrix community.

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I'm James Shenberger, the CEO & Founder of TradeMatrix. Through my own trading experiences, I found that I often converse with family, friends, and coworkers about investments. As a result, we frequently end up with similar holdings in our portfolios. We learn from one another, we see strategies that work and don’t work, and we receive insights into potential holdings we likely would not have found on our own. I wanted to make the sharing of this information simple for every investor. Seeing where others are succeeding and failing ultimately allows investors to navigate the markets more successfully. At TradeMatrix, we know this transparency of investment activity is tremendously useful to traders of all experience levels.

App Benefits

Our unique design allows users to quickly discover investment activity, view and share portfolios, search investments, generate revenue using the TradeMatrix subscription model, and so much more!

Never Miss a Trade

Get live notifications when users within your Matrix make a post. Each post and portfolio pulls in real time stock and crypto data so you know if a trade is still valid without having to check multiple apps.

Only Pay What You Want

Follow users for free to see their non-premium content – or pay the user’s unique subscription price to subscribe and view their premium content. YOU can also choose to generate revenue by setting a subscription price in a matter of seconds. The choice is YOURS.

Paper Trading Account

Track and share current holdings, trade history, and portfolio returns automatically by posting your trades in the TradeMatrix app.

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TradeMatrix is dedicated to providing a reliable platform where users choose who they can learn and share investment information with. Join our community today and get the ins and outs of today's stock and crypto markets, providing you with the knowledge to make smarter investments.

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TradeMatrix was created to provide investors with a simple and easy-to-use platform that enhances their investing game. If you have any questions, feedback, or inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out.